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Our Story

DownUnder Honey is a family owned beekeeping business based in the Manawatu, near Cheltenham, New Zealand.


Honey is harvested from diverse locations such as meadows and pasture to remote forests containing forest honey and manuka.

DownUnder Honey has a related business to further promote sustainable beekeeping, the Trees for Bees Plant Nursery. The plant nursery supports the planting of flowering trees and plants to create more sustainable farmland and to supplement the existing ecosystem with pollen and nectar sources for bees and other wildlife. We sell flowering trees throughout New Zealand and also partner with landowners interested in developing their properties to increase honey production.

Since DownUnder Honey was founded in 2010 it has grown and is now a vertically integrated Honey Company producing and packing honey for distribution both within New Zealand and Internationally
We can supply bulk honey, packed honey under own label or private label. We also produce a range of value added honey products for export. We have exported to many overseas destinations and have experience in dealing with International Customs. Contact us about your project using the registration form

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